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Surnames. Most folk carry a common surname, either a family name or a name related to their region of origin or job. Sorn Fellhorn, Kara of Windshire, and Tellan Magewright are all examples of naming conventions among the common folk of the Five Nations.

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The 3.5 Player’s Guide to Eberron and the 4E Eberron Campaign Guide both have tables that provide exactly this sort of information, listing skills like History, Arcana, and Religion and setting the DC to know specific facts. Since this is an IFAQ—which means, short answer—I’ll leave that there; if you want to know WHAT people know, you ...

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Queen Diani ir'Wynarn is the Blood Regent of Thrane. She tries to keep the monarchy relevant to the people and the government. She hopes to take back the throne and rule Thrane as is her birthright, but she is still a figure head and has no real political power. The theocrats think that she has little use other then to keep the people's eyes on her. Her enemies find her beautiful, with her ...

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The Crying Fields - Site of numerous battles between Thrane and Aundair. Starpeaks Observatory - High in the Starpeaks mountain chain, used by Arcane Congress University of Wyarn Whisper Rock - Ruin of Unknown Origin deep in the Whisper Woods. The Duskwood The Gray Wood - Northern Forest near Stormhome The Ghanthwood The Eldritch Groves ...

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Apr 11, 2020 · Ascendant campaigns can view previous versions of their pages, see what has changed (and who did it), and even restore old versions. It's like having a rewind button for your campaign.

Thrane Eberron

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Data based on parliamentary census records, 997 YK.Population: 3.7 millionArea: 1,800,000 square milesSovereign: Boranel ir’WynarnCapital: WroatMajor Cities: Sharn, Starilaskur, Galethspyre, XandrarClimate: Temperate in the north, tropical in the southHighest Point: Erix Peak in the Blackcaps Range, elevation 13,256Heraldry: A roaring bear surrounded by gold wyverns on a crimson shieldFounder: Wroann, fifth scion of Kin…

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Jul 23, 2009 · Thrane’s people cling to virtue and order, and look to the Church of the Silver Flame to guide them through the Last War’s wreckage to a future in which all embrace the purity of faith. Lore of Thrane. Common Knowledge: That Thrane survived the Last War more or less intact is a testament to the power of the Church of the Silver Flame.

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Darguun The country to the North is Breland, not Thrane – WotC’s mapmakers made a mistake. Okay, so remember that subverting thing I mentioned in the last post? This is another one of those. In Eberron, before the humans and other races came to Khorvaire, the continent was ruined by the mighty goblinoid Dhakanii Empire.

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r/Eberron: Be it D&D 3.5, 4, 5, Pathfinder, or some other game system entirely this is the place for anything relating to Eberron. ... Five Nations, and ECG which gives the whole organization a bad rap. But that justifies a lot of fun things for Thrane: the Overlord that is building corruption within the organization (Bel Shalor, the Shadow in ...

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Eberron Campaign Guide (July 2009, ISBN 978-0-7869-5099-7) is the guide for a dungeon master to run the Eberron setting under the 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons rules, providing the campaign specific rules and details on the continent of Khorvaire and the rest of the world of Eberron. It is designed to be used with other Eberron products, but ...

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Thrane (Eberron) Khorvaire (Eberron) Backstory; Exposition; Worldbuilding; Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Edition; Pathfinder (1st Edition) Summary. Ariel Elenwyd, Dark Lantern of Breland, and Aiwyn Elenwyd, Templar of the Silver Flame in Thrane -- twin Khorvaire elf sisters of a prominent, not noble family -- were separated 125 years ago and pursued ...

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Thrane has attempted to develop a closed economy since the start of the Last War that allows it to rely on itself and not require goods or services from beyond its own borders. The Thranes have not been entirely successful. They continue to make use of the … Life and Society in Thrane

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Welcome to the Eberron Wiki, a wiki about the Eberron campaign setting for the 3.5, 4th and 5th editions of Dungeons & Dragons.This wiki was created with the intention of creating a complete and readily available repository of fan-based information about the Eberron setting developed by Wizards of the Coast and Keith Baker in 2004.. Please be warned that although we try our best there are ...

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The Church of the Silver Flame is divided into the church militant and the church ministry. The ministry oversees the administrative functions of the church. The members of the ministry are also responsible for providing spiritual guidance to the followers of the church. They are shepherds rather than soldiers, and they battle evil by nurturing good. Each kingdom is overseen by a network of priests and bishops; this chain of command continues up to the Council of Flamekeep and the Keeper of t...

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Archduchy of Shadowfast []. The Flag of Shadowfast is a variation on the Karrnath flag. The Phoenix of the Karrnath nation is stylized gold and made to resemble more strongly Archduke Cassius' sword Demonslayer. The blood red color is also hinting at his past as the Red Thunder.

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The following turns of phrase are uniquely Thrane: “Crooked!” - An expletive, similar to “drat!” “Flame forgive me.” - An expression usually preceding or following a nasty curse or insult. “What filth!” - An expression of discontent or an indication of nonsense, similar to “hogwash!”. People of Thrane